Like every year, we present the new developments of the 2022 season that will be introduced in the KUBICA Racing Line – Freeline karts and products for the year 2023.

The acronym that characterizes the new models for 2023 will be S15.

Based on the S14 models we have further implemented and refined different technical details and we introduced new accessories to improve and simplify the use.

All the “Kubica” model frames will not have a specific homologation but will use the Birel ART one.


RK30-S15 DD: Homologation 007/CH/10

  • Upgrade in the geometry and materials of the frames
  • New front fixing for the floor panel

RK33-S15 DD: Homologation 007/CH/12

  • No difference in the geometry of the frames
  • New front fixing for the floor panel



Pedals: the new FreeLine MINI pedals of the HI-TECH line will be in forged aluminum with the characteristic of greater sturdiness and will offer various position adjustments to be able to adapt to the different needs and characteristics of each driver.

New graphic: like every year, the graphics have been renewed to give a more aggressive and modern look.

Seat: the new FreeLine seat with a grey texture will be found in every model, its characteristic is a better flexibility.

Fuel pipe guide: all the S15 karts will have a new fuel pipe guide fixed directly on the petrol tank.

Crown carrier: we developed a new floating crown carrier that, transmitting lower tension to the engine, allows a better function and a lower consumption of the chain. That will be sold as an optional. Available in D. 50 – 40 - 30.

Axels: two new axels will be introduced in FreeLine range, one for KZ 50x2x1040 type ‘O’ and one for the direct drives 50x2x1020 type ‘N’.

Sportswear: the new line in collaboration with Alpinestars introduced in 2022 will remain in production.